The training course, a holistic approach, includes economic, legal and technical topics which are necessary for the switch to m-commerce. The course consists of three blocks, having a duration of two days. The blocks are arranged in such a way that they can be attended individually. Each block focuses on one major topic.

Block 1 aims at familiarizing the participants with the topic m-commerce. In this context, e-business models and business processes are addressed. The second part of this block deals with country specific legal and safety-related issues of online businesses. A basic understanding of the processes and procedures in e-commerce and m-commerce is the basis for customer satisfaction as well as an increased turnover.

Block 2 deals with the aspects of online marketing in the first place. Further, possibilities of social media marketing are discussed. Not only the usage of different marketing channels, but also the critical reflexions concerning the results of these activities, as well as the personalization of offers enlarge the range of customers of the participating enterprises.

Block 3 deals with the technical aspects of m-commerce. In this context, usability, responsive design and mobile first approaches are considered for already existing e-commerce applications. The goal of this block is it to optimize current e-commerce tenders for mobile devices. In this context, we can speak of a holistic system tuning, ranging from the representation, to performance and storing of data.