The project m-commerce focuses on the training of staff and employees of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in order to develop the further development and expansion of m-commerce activities.

The project is divided into different phases which build up on each other. The first phase includes a state-of-the -art analysis of m-commerce activities and its demands which is based on online surveys, controlled interviews and the evaluation of secondary data. The results, which are unified due to the country-dependent findings, are the basis for the development of the training course m-commerce. Another result of this phase is a best-practice database, in which already existing as well as successful m-commerce solutions are displayed.

In phase 2 the training course as such is developed on the lessons learned in phase 1. The training course is developed together with our partners: University of Alcala (Spain), Politehnica University of Timisoara (Rumania), Center for Knowledge (Macedonia) and FH JOANNEUM, University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

Phase 3 is characterized by the implementation of the training curse. The training course is conducted in all partner countries. In this context, the choice of participating companies is taking into consideration in order to achieve a balanced mix of trades and industry.

In the project m-commerce, the following activities are conducted:

  • Survey of the current status quo of m-commerce in different European regions. Collecting best practice examples from different regions
  • Development of teaching and learning materials for the training course m-commerce
  • Implementation of the training course in all seven partner countries, having a minimum of 10 participating employees of SMEs each training cycle
  • Participating SMEs of each training cycle are equipped with m-commerce strategies and first possible solutions for m-commerce implementation