Privalia Inc

Name Privalia Inc, since 2006
Location Barcelona, Spain
Contact person
Ferrán Güell
Main field of Business
Fashion & Lifestyle Outlet

Privalia implements a business model in which the mobile phone has a critical role and where the multichannel customer has a considerable value. 55% of sales and 70% of traffic are from mobile phones.
Privalia uses a push and discount-driven approach to m-commerce exclusive for its customers. This approach particularly impacts on customers because it drives the following feelings:

  • Attraction and desire – Best brands and products with very important discounts drives attraction and increments the desire to buy
  • Urgency – limited stocks available only for a limited time drives to less rational behaviors when compared with permanent stocks and offers
  • Engagement – Content is rapidly and dynamically updated with hundreds of products every day and push messages. Customer is motivated to get back to the store.

From a technical perspective all elements are directed towards offering a mobile friendly environment. Mobile navigation and apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile are available.

Key success factors in their m-commerce approach:

  1. Use and understand the right metrics 
Customers have to log, therefore their ID is known and they can be tracked on the different platforms (web, mobile, tablet) that they use. Such information can be used to determine the value of the multichannel customer. Mobile users access more frequently and buy more. A multichannel customer has a value of 2.5 times monochannel customer for Privalia.
  2. Content strategy
Key to promote engagement. Privalia content strategy is designed to turn monochannel customers into multichannel customers promoting m-commerce contents offering presales and exclusive promotions fully adapted to customers’ mobile device
  3. Product development
User experience is critical. Accessibility from different platforms and ease in payment are also important. A native app is preferred since it offers a better user experience.
  4. Marketing
Only digital marketing is considered. Mobile marketing accounted for a 40% of the budget in 2014 and it is going to increase to more than a 50% in 2015. Social media marketing is critical and Privalia strategy is focused on onboarding new customers (Facebook, Google and Twitter) and engaging current customers (TapCommerce and Facebook)