Vastok Ltd.

Name Vastok Ltd., since 2013
Location Ljubljana
Contact person
Erik Mislej
Main field of Business
Natural cosmetics, e-shop

Company Vastok Ltd has developed innovative concept for selling personalized cosmetics under the brand name AlpStories. AlpStories provides individual customer opportunity to create personalized natural cosmetic products and brand which fit their skin, taste, needs. The process is virtualized and supported with e-shop. In short words AlpStories is cosmetics manufacturer so agile that can produce series where minimum production order is 1 pcs. The concept is based on:

  • PERSONALIZATION: everyone can do the product according to own preferences to achieve 100% fit to personal skin type.
  • BUILD YOUR OWN BRAND – meets the needs of customers’ creativity – label is designed and made by customer on his/her preferences.
  • SIMPLICITY – Beauty Wizard helps customers to create personalized products.

The AlpStories web page and e-shop is specifically designed and optimized for portable devices as smart phones and tablets following global sales trends and aiming to reach a large portion of potential customers using mobile devices and consequently inconsiderable number of potential sales. AlpStories e-shop started operating in Croatia (Dec. 2014) first, following with e-shop in Slovenia few months ago. So far more than 6.000 customers contacted the company and finished the process with purchase on Croatian market only. Recently AlpStories entered Ukrainian and Russian market.

In order to raise brand awareness they have invested into content marketing and development of unique marketing concept where client is actually involved in the production process as well as awarded with the share of sales of its products. Currently multiple promotion actions with the objective to attract and acquire clearly defined audience as well as brand elevation are running via following channels: articles and adverts, social media and related posts, videos, direct marketing. Their Facebook page has more than 3.000 followers after just few weeks.

The impact for each promotion cannel is measured however, the real impact on users will be analyised over certain period of time when the CRM system will be fully implemented. AlpStories internal team of experts uses mix of analytical tools measuring key performance indicators.

AlpStories video: