Koofr d.o.o.

Name Koofr d.o.o., since 2013
Location Ljubljana, Pot za brdom 100
+386 1 244 77 59
Contact person
Damjan Maticic
Main field of Business

Koofr Ltd. is a company developing software for cloud computing. Start-up was established in 2013 by team of experts in the field of software development, management of start-up companies and projects. Their main product Koofr is a web and mobile interface for accessing different systems of data storage, and it enables saving, managing and distributing files with the use of an individual cloud based on the existing customer hardware. Close attention is paid to the support of the so called object data storage that enables building large memory systems resembling the ones owned by the biggest global companies, however by using normal, affordable hardware. Target customers are the providers of internet services and telecom companies worldwide all who can now incorporate the service of saving data in a cloud as an up-sell for their service packages.

Nowaday Koofr provides services to clients as Simobil, T – Hrvatski Telekom, Xlab. The company is also associated with leading global hardware manufacturers with the purpose of integrating hardware and software solutions into new, integrated products.

Their web page is specifically designed and optimized for portable devices as smart phones and tablets aiming at improving a unique user experience and faster interactions with end users as well as clients. They use several tools and platforms as FB analytics, Google analytics, Mixpanel for tracking user interactions with web and mobile applications, effectiveness of promotion campaigns as well as information on new users and customer acquisition costs, etc. To support data processing they have developed internal tool additionally.

Company Koofr Ltd. is the winner of national competition of start-up companies Start-up of the year 2013 and is a member of the Technology Park Ljubljana.