goFit Gesundheit GmbH

Name goFit Gesundheit GmbH, since 2013
Location Alpinestraße 2, 8652 Kindberg – Aumühl
+43 3865 20200
Contact person
Dietlinde Haverkamp
Main field of Business

The company specialises in developing and marketing innovative health-promoting products. Cooperation with scientists, general practitioners, sports physicians, orthopaedists and therapists ensures the highest quality.

Products from goFit are tested and clinically used for years in elaborate procedures before they are brought to market.

The main product of goFit is the foot reflex zone massage with the goFit-health mat.

The principle:

The foot reflex zone massage is based on the awareness that a special reflex zone exists for each part of the body on the bottom of your feet. The regular massage of these points not only enhances the own energy, but is also an effective method for personal health providence.

Many afflictions, from the body and also from psychological sort, can be abated through the use of the foot reflex zone massage mat. A big amount of diseases, which have to be treated with medicine, the foot reflex zone massage is a useful enhancement to the doctorial treatment.

In contrast to the manual foot reflex zone massage, which works like this, that the therapist only presses single pressure points on the bottom of your feet. The mechanical massage with the go-Fit mat works the following way, that all reflex zones of the feet get activated at the same time.