Finnland Block

Name Finnland Block Limited, since 2010
Location Hall 264, 8911 Hall
+43 6603880511
Contact person
Erich Leitenbauer
Main field of Business
Construction of loghouses

Finnland log houses have always been the embodyment of highest quality and are a successful synthesis of tradition and innovation. The natural material (great fibrous North Finnish polarwood) is processed with state of the art techniques, to guarantee a long life, futuristic and low energy product.

The building of log houses had his origin in the forest rich Northern Europe. Historical documents show stake-, palisades-, and wattle-buildings in the region dating back to 2.500 b.c. are the oldest wooden buildings known to man. Log houses in Northern Europe date back to around 1.200 b.c.

Log house construction is one of the oldest building methods in the world.

Even though the journey from the first log house, worked on with stone tools to the modern industrial log house was long, the principles remain unchanged. Horizontally stacked logs are linked up at their intersection with wooden nails and threaded rods. They create the shell of the building and at the same time carry the load of the roof.

The company handles real close-grained pine Polar, which gives the best and strongest building materials. The pine grows on dry and poor soils, such as awarded in sand and moraine, but also thrives in stony and rocky regions. This northern species requires a lot of light and clean air in order to grow healthy. Lapland offers all of these geological and climatic conditions better than any other region in the world.

Sustainability of loghouses:

  • Log cabins have inherently good thermal insulation
  • A massive log home has over a comparable brick house about 10% more living space
  • Loghouses are the winners compared to other types of construction are: the wood is a renewable resource with very little energy is gained. Wood itself is a CO2 storage as long as it is not used as firewood or rot.
  • Log homes save between 0.8 and 1 to. CO2 per m3, which is permanently removed from the atmosphere.

The advantages of a loghouse:

  • Short production and construction helps to save costs
  • Long life (natural parent companies may be over 500 years old)
  • Low heating costs – in the summer of natural climate regulation
  • Best protection against electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation
  • A unique living environment and a sense of natural shelter
  • Living in a very individual house
  • Wood binds Co 2 – Your responsible contribution to environmental protection
  • Do not fear the future – problem-free recycling all wood parts